Art by Brian Dettmer
LISNEWS had an article a few days ago about artist Brian Dettmer, who carves old books into pieces of art. You can see more of his work at the Packer Schopf Gallery. Incidentally, this Gallery also features art by Clive Barker (“Ah, the suffering. The sweet suffering.”) and Peggy Macnamara, artist in residence of Chicago’s Field Museum.

Recycled book art is not, of course, unknown. It crops up every so often. Most recently, I’ve seen it from artists like Su Blackwell and Thomas Allen.

Blackwell’s pieces tend to have an otherworldly feel about them. Not surprising, really, given that several of them are based on classic fairy tales and childrens books. This one, entitled Wild Flowers, is simply stunning:
Art by Su Blackwell

Thomas Allen’s, though, are probably my favorite due mostly to their pulpy goodness. Behold, Hindsight:

 Thomas Allen

My reaction to seeing book sculptures is always the same. First, there’s the immediate visceral reaction of “NOOOOO! How dare you defile a book, you heathen!” Which invariably mellows into “Damn, that’s cool.” Not all orphaned books can live happily on someone’s bookshelves (although Buki can attest to my ardent attempt to rescue as many as possible). Metamorphosing into something beautiful and thought-provoking is a far better fate than mouldering on a landfill.

And, because I enjoy them so, here’s another of Allen’s, entitled Chemistry:
Thomas Allen


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  1. I hope there are still other (undefiled) copies out there.

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