Worth a Thousand Words

Digitization initiatives are currently very hot property in the world of libraries and archives. Like many other people, I find the photographic digital projects to be the most effective and entertaining.

tinybow.jpgMy newest find is the UCLA digital collection entitled Changing Times: Los Angeles in Photographs, 1920-1990. UCLA has gathered and scanned over 5000 images from the photographic archives of the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News that reflect the history and growth of the city over a 70-year span. Seen here.

In it, you can, of course, find photographs of Hollywood’s glittering assemblage. Greta Garbo filling out her citizenship papers, Errol Flynn squiring his various wives, Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart enlisting for military service in WWII. Or this shot of Clara Bow on her way to court in 1930.

Beyond the Tinseltown glitz, though, are some wonderful glimpses into 20th century history. I am particularly fond of the image of women spinning rabbit fur into yarn as part of a WPA project. (1938)RabbitYarn

And the group of oldsters getting arrested for an illegal game of penny-ante gin rummy. (1950)DesperateCriminals

You can either browse topics using a drop-down menu or search using keywords. I only wish you could search by time period. Now go on over there and waste a few hours in visual stimulation. Here’s the link again: UCLA


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