I hope for Peace and Sanity…..

….it’s the same thing.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and oral historian Studs Terkel turned 95 on Wednesday. To celebrate, he’s published a new book entitled The Studs Terkel Reader: My American Century. In November, he’s got a memoir coming out, Touch and Go. Slowed down by old age? I don’t think so.

StudsTerkelThis morning, I decided to become more familiar with this American icon, so I downloaded some recent interviews with the gent. And I listened…..and listened….and listened. What a fascinating individual! Intelligent, funny, well-spoken and bold. It’s amazing how much this man can cover in the span of one 50-minute interview. Literature, music, history, politics, civil rights, cinema; from McCarthyism to Katrina, Mahalia Jackson to Bob Dylan. And it’s not a rambling, disjointed diatribe but more like a fluid, natural progression of thoughts that stems from an innate understanding of culture and history. He seems to possess a beautiful and all-too-rare awareness of American life, both past and present, and the interconnectedness of it all. And he speaks out fiercely and unabashedly about what he believes to be false or unjust. I’m just gob-smacked and giddy.

It looks like all the other books on my To Be Read list will have to wait a little longer. I’m heading to the library (on my day off) to pick up some Studs Terkel. And maybe a little Satchmo while I’m at it.


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  1. Speaking of associative minds- I can’t help but be reminded of Olalquiaga’s ARTIFICIAL KINGDOM…

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