Musings of a Master

Darwin Since 1974, Cambridge University has undertaken the collection and publication of the correspondence of one of the most influential minds in the history of science, Charles Darwin. This project, aptly named the Darwin Correspondence Project, recently made available online the full transcribed texts of over 5000 of these letters. And it’s fully searchable. Did I mention it’s free to the public?!

The collection provides insight not only into the scientific and intellectual musings of Darwin, but also his family life, childhood, and friendships. As if that were not enough to make this biology geek happy, the DCP website also includes features such as:

  • Full listing and thumbnail biographies of Darwin’s correspondents, including Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Lyell, and George Eliot
  • Bibliographic listing of all books and papers referred to in DCP’s publications
  • Information about the Darwin bicentenary celebration coming in 2009 (Mark your calendars!)
  • All the latest Darwin-related news (A dramatization of the correspondence of Darwin and Asa Gray? Fabulous!)

Quick, fetch me my smelling salts. I think I’m going to swoon.



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